Monday, August 4, 2014

MIDI kit - Add MIDI/USB interface to an old hardware or create experimental musical interfaces!

Dear MIDI hackers!

Due to a popular demand I am happy to announce a MIDI KIT!

Have an old hardware you want to MIDI enable? Or would like to build an experimental midi interface with MIDI / USB output - HEX midi keyboard / Jammer midi keyboard / drum pads... Than MIDI KIT is what you need!... It will save you plenty of time and allow to concentrate on core of your experiments / projects...

MIDI kit is available to pre-order now and will be shipped in November 2014 (or before depending on availability). MIDI Kit available in following packages:

  1.  Beginner MIDI kit - pre-programmed kit require only some basic knowledge of electronics and ability to wire it up to your existing hardware or experimental hardware. You will be able to read up to 8x8 matrix of On/Off events translating to 64keys (polyphonic / non velocity sensitive) MIDI output. Details of the wiring / testing will come with manual.

    Cost USD49
  2. Advanced MIDI kit - pre-programmed kit with ability to assign MIDI functionality to Digital I/Os (keys/buttons on/off events) or Analog I/O (potentiometer, pressure, turn tables, proximity, foot pedal, temperature, light sensors... you name it...). Assignment will be done by editing file on SD card. Example of assignment:

    A0 0-1024 PitchBend 1 0-127 # sends Pitch bend on channel 1 based on Analog input 0

    D0D8  ChannelOnOff 1 44 # sends note 44 on/off events on channel 1 based on digital matrix 0/8 contact

    D1D8  ChaneelOnOff 1 45 # similar to above... note 45 on/off...

    MIDI Kit reads file / recognizes assignment and translates it to MIDI commands. Midi Kit allows creating variations of non-velocity sensitive / velocity sensitive / polyphonic / with analog inputs midi/usb enabled boards. Midi Kit allows scan matrixes going beyond 64 on/off contacts and at the same time room for analog inputs. Details of the available assignments and templates will come with manual.

    Cost USD89.

Pre-order now and get free SD card for Advanced kit and Free delivery Australia wide for Advanced / Beginner kits. Delivery world wide at expense of buyer.

Please send me your feedback and wishes for functionality to be included!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Re-try pattern using Akka actor / ask pattern

Hi there...

Thought of sharing a relatively simple gist of Retry akka pattern I came up recently. It could be useful in case Client actor sends request to another Service provider actor and request may have to be retried due to different reasons (network failure in distributed environment, service down or other...). To increase resilience Client attempts to re-try operation until either response is received or after number of retries exceeded Client simply gives up.

The pattern is quite generic and I thought it would be cool to have a pluggable re-tries for akka actors.